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Residential Solar

A Neil Kelly Solar installer at work

When choosing solar energy for your home, Neil Kelly Solar is there for you every step of the way.

Our complimentary assessment will give you a thorough understanding of how solar can work for you and your home. We’ll help answer:

  • What system is right for your home?
  • What’s your out-of-pocket cost, after incentives?
  • How much will your home’s value increase when you add solar?
  • How much energy will your system produce?
  • How long will it take your system to pay for itself?

Generous solar tax credits and incentives can substantially reduce the cost of installing a solar electric system. The incentives listed below apply to most Oregon and Washington residents.

Please note that incentives and tax credits can change frequently. Ask your Neil Kelly solar energy consultant for more information.

  • Net Metering is an agreement between a residential or commercial customer and their electric utility to allow consumer-generated solar power to be fed into the grid and credited to the customer’s account (your meter spins backward!). Whether you consume the electricity or feed it back into the grid, you will see the savings on your electricity bill.
  • Federal Tax Credits can offset up to 30% of the cost of your residential or commercial solar energy system.
  • Local Cash Incentives are available too; up to $11,000 per household.
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Battery Backup / Energy Storage

A battery backup system for solar energy storage installed in a Lake Oswego home

Neil Kelly Solar can help your Portland-area home or business become energy resilient–or 100% energy independent–with a battery backup system. Many of our customers have discovered that solar power plus a battery system is the best way to control your own electricity supply, even in situations that are out of your control.

A battery backup system will have several benefits for your home or business:

  • Energy storage is essential to making solar power more reliable, by offering stored solar power when your solar panels are not immediately generating enough energy to satisfy the demand of your home or business.
  • The next time your neighborhood loses power from the grid, you’ll be relieved to keep your electricity running off of your battery backup. Switch over to stored power in less than a second.
  • Your utility company may credit your account if/when it needs to tap into your stored energy to support the grid.
  • Battery backup systems can be put to use with or without solar panels.

EV Charging & Home Energy Management

Your Neil Kelly solar team can help you make the most of your new solar energy system with state-of-the-art EV charging systems and the SPAN smart electrical panel, which helps you save energy through real-time monitoring and circuit-level optimization and control.

Commercial Solar

Solar panels on a commercial building in Portland Oregon

Our solar energy consultants have experience with businesses of all sizes. We’ll help you assess your solar energy system potential and navigate the incentive programs that can help you pay for your system. The Portland Clean Energy Fund and the Energy Trust of Oregon are just the beginning.

Solar Energy Tips & FAQ

How does a Solar Energy system work?

Solar panels are exposed to daylight which generates an electric current

The current is converted to usable energy with an inverter

The inverter sends energy to a meter

The meter sends energy to the electric utility, the home, and in some systems, a backup battery for storage

Do solar panels work when it rains?

Yes! Solar panels will still work even when it rains or even on a partially cloudy day. Occasional rainfall can actually be good for your solar panels as it washes away any dust or dirt.

Does my roof need to face the sun to get any benefit from solar?

Solar panels can be configured in a number of ways even if your roof does not face the sun directly. We also offer ground-mounted solar panels.

We can work with you to determine whether or not your property is a good fit for solar when you schedule a consultation.

How much does a solar energy system cost?

The cost of your solar power system depends on the size and type of system needed for your home. It also depends on the condition of the structure where the equipment will be installed.

The energy savings you receive on your utility bill over the lifetime of a typical residential solar energy system can offset much of the cost of installation.

To discuss your solar needs and get a better idea of price, schedule a complimentary solar assessment with our team.

How do you monitor solar power performance?

Your solar specialist will help you install a desktop or mobile app that will monitor your system performance — down to the individual panel!

What happens if I have solar installed and need to replace my roof?

Our crews will safely remove your solar panels and replace them when the roofing job is complete.

Do you design off-grid solar power systems?

Yes, we do sometimes install off-grid systems in rural areas, where those systems are in higher demand. However, the majority of systems we install are tied to regional electric utilities.

Do you offer a warranty for solar power installation?

Yes. Neil Kelly offers a 10-year workmanship warranty on all solar energy installations. This is above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty on individual products and materials.