A satellite image of a home with added modeling for a solar energy system on the roof

We’ll take a virtual look at your home or business via satellite imagery and use a state-of-the-art modeling program to assess your solar energy potential. We’ll use this information to design the ideal solar energy system to meet your needs, calculate costs and potential incentives, and recommend options for battery backup and/or EV charging.

After our first conversation, you’ll know:

  • The optimal solar energy system design for your home
  • Your out-of-pocket cost after incentives
  • How much energy your system will produce vs. your total home energy demand
  • How long it will take your system to pay for itself


blueprint plans for residential rooftop solar installation

When you approve our design proposal, we’ll visit your home or business to document a formal site plan. With that, we’ll begin submitting your project for necessary permits, securing your financial incentives both local and federal, and purchasing the components included in your system design.


Neil Kelly solar installers mounting pv panels to a residential

Your installation team will work with care and precision to mount your panels, connect the inverters, and complete your system with any added components like battery backup and EV charging. Once the inspector gives us the green light, we’ll flip the switch on your utility meter to make it official.


Solar panels installed on a home in Portland, Oregon

You can rely on Neil Kelly Solar for continued system maintenance, management of your product warranties, and our own industry-leading 10-year workmanship warranty. If anything goes wrong with your system, you know who to call.

Products & Partnerships

We specify the highest-performing and most reliable products on the market today, prioritizing those made in the USA. And, by partnering with our state and country’s most informed and connected clean energy organizations, we can ensure that your home or business is reaching its full solar energy potential and that you’ll receive the greatest financial incentives possible.

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