Solar Upgrade Powers Commercial Rehabilitation Center

When Northwest Rehabilitation Associates Inc., in Salem, OR was researching commercial solar services in 2008, there wasn’t much information available. Eventually, word of mouth brought them to Neil Kelly Company.

Twelve years and three buildings later, the relationship continues to grow. They installed solar on that first building in 2008, another in 2014, and solar arrays on a space in the summer of 2019. All told the properties now total 20,000 square feet and Neil Kelly Company was there for the entire journey.

“We originally chose Neil Kelly in 2008 knowing that they had a quality reputation,” says Mike Studer, president of Northwest Rehabilitation Associates Inc. “For our solar work, we never looked back.”

Overcoming Challenges to Commercial Solar Services

The biggest challenge involved choosing between two utility companies, each with its own mechanisms and incentives. Neil Kelly Company was able to provide a bid sheet, the cost of installation, the cost of photovoltaic (PV) panels, and then offer a discount based on the federal, state, and local utility subsidies.

“They made it financially clear what my return on investment (ROI) was going to be,” says Studer.

Solar power installer wiring a solar panel.
Above: Installer wires up a panel.

Advantages Of Choosing Solar Energy

Installing solar went beyond energy savings. Northwest Rehabilitation Associates Inc. is reducing both its carbon footprint and volatility in the energy market. And they can use their solar projects for marketing.

“I can proudly say we’re the only rehabilitation provider, much less healthcare provider, that can operate off the grid. And that means something to people in Oregon.” Choosing renewable energy means your business will be less reliant on the grid, a major pro for areas prone to black and brownouts.

There’s also equity. If Studer ever sells his three buildings he can claim zero monthly electrical operating costs, increasing the property’s value in the eyes of potential buyers. “I’ve been impressed with Neil Kelly Company since the beginning,” says Studer. “They did exactly what they said they would, based on time and budgets, and never interfered with daily operations during installation. They made it easy for us.”

Benefits of Commercial Solar Power in Oregon

For companies considering making the transition to solar power, there are several advantages to consider. First are the financial benefits—harnessing solar energy can shield your business from rising energy costs. Using solar energy can also enhance your overall brand image, attracting eco-conscious customers to your business.

Businesses in Oregon and Washington can also take advantage of government incentives, solar tax credits, and grants, which can substantially offset the cost of installation. Your Neil Kelly solar energy consultant can provide you with the most up-to-date incentives and credits to help you save big on solar installation.

Options for Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Most people are familiar with roof installation for solar panels, as it is the most common for residential buildings. Roof installation is also a great option for commercial solar installation, particularly for properties with large, flat roofs like office buildings, warehouses, or factories. If your commercial building doesn’t have a flat roof, you’ll need to make sure the roof gets enough sunlight and is at the correct angle. Regardless of your roof type, it’s crucial to ensure your roof can support the weight of the solar equipment.

There are alternatives to roof installation, including parking lots, which can be turned into solar carports with panels mounted on the roofs. Another option is ground-mounted solar arrays, which can often tilt and elevate during certain hours, allowing them to capture more sunlight than roof-mounted panels.

Choose the Leading Solar Company in Oregon and Washington

The benefits of installing solar are enormous, from lowering your electricity bills to reducing your carbon footprint. Neil Kelly’s solar energy consultants are available to help you assess your solar energy system potential and navigate the incentive programs that can significantly offset the cost of installation. Plus, every solar installation comes backed by our industry-leading 10-year warranty.

Whether you want to install solar during a major building update or add solar during a roof replacement, our experts can design and install a solar energy system that meets your current and future needs. There’s never been a better time to put the sun to work for your property.

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